Hand Treatments

in Avon, Connecticut

Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

$87 Full Service  /  $69 Add-on Service

This microdermabrasion hand treatment exfoliates skin cells, helps to rejuvenate collagen, skin thickness and reduce hyperpigmentation. This treatment includes, cleansing, a hydrating healing mask, and finishes with moisturizer and sunscreen.

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**Fees subject to change without notice.

"Dear Dr. Stanislaw, At the risk of sounding like the first line of a romance novel, I have to say, "I think of you every morning while looking into my mirror to apply make-up." The reflection back makes me smile and makes me so happy! You did such a professional and beautiful job removing my facial flaw that bothered me so much. Even Dr. Gert approved and said, "it looked great" when I saw him this past week. Thank you. And with summer quickly approaching; please be assured I will stay out of the sun!"-Patient Letter