Earlobe Reconstruction Connecticut

One of the most common cosmetic deformities of the ear is a torn or split earlobe. This could be due to wearing heavy earrings, an improper piercing or due to trauma to the earlobe. Whatever the reason may be, it can certainly be a cause of distress. It is not uncommon for patients in Hartford, New Haven, Norwalk, Greenwich and Avon to want to correct this ear deformity, so that they may continue to wear earrings or restore the symmetry of their earlobes.

Am I a good candidate for an earlobe reconstruction?

If you have an enlarged earring hole or if you have an earlobe that is completely split or torn through you are an ideal candidate for a reconstruction.

What is the reconstruction procedure?

The earlobe reconstruction procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about an hour. The type of earlobe repair on the degree of the tear. Small flaps may be used at times for redesigning the earlobe in cases where there is a very large tear or if the earlobes are distorted by earlobe gauges. The healed edges of the enlarged hole or split are removed, and the fresh edges are sutured together. Dr. Stanislaw uses very small stitches that are removed after seven days.

“I felt comfortable and cared for by everyone at your facility, and will highly recommend you to anyone in need of services.” – Dr. Stanislaw Patient

What is the recovery from my earlobe reconstruction?

Any discomfort after the surgery is minimal and can be treated with Tylenol. There is no recovery time period as such and you may return to work immediately post-surgery.


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When can I re-pierce my earlobes?

Dr. Stanislaw can re-pierce the earlobes 6 weeks after the earlobe reconstruction. At the time of the re-piercing, patients will bring in a pair of small earrings with posts that are made of good quality stainless steel or gold. The posts can not contain any nickel. These earrings are left in place for one month. After one month, the earrings can be removed and changed.

With minimal scarring and no downtime, an earlobe reconstruction is the perfect procedure for those who have split or torn earlobes.

10% off to all military & law enforcement for earlobe reconstruction procedures

The dream of serving in the military is being dashed for many young people by two small problems: stretched earlobes. All branches of service prohibit anyone with the popular earlobe gauges or plug piercings to enlist. Facial surgeon Dr. Paul Stanislaw is on a mission to educate military hopefuls about the quick one-day procedure that can repair the large openings and restore the ear’s appearance. He is offering a ten percent discount to all military and law enforcement for earlobe reconstruction procedures, not just on Veterans’ Day, but year-round to ensure anyone who wishes to serve will not be disqualified and he was on to talk with Brad and Paul about it!