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Is Botox or a Browlift Right For Me?

In this instructional video, Dr. Stanislaw discusses forehead wrinkles, how they come to be over time, and what type of solutions are available. Even though you might think an injection treatment is all that’s needed, there may be more to the picture than that. Watch this video and learn more about how Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center approaches common patient questions about forehead wrinkles.

Stanislaw MD Micro-Needle & PCA Retinol Peel Session #2

This video demonstrates and explains Collagen Induction Therapy followed by a PCA Retinol Peel.

Stanislaw Facelift Education 1

In this video, Dr. Stanislaw discusses the changes that take place with the lower face as we age and illustrates how a facelift and neck lift are addressed in surgery.

Are There Non Surgical Treatment Options for the Neck?

In this video, Dr. Stanislaw explains the aging process including loss of skin elasticity, fat, muscles and the roles they play in the rejuvenation process. He defines what a facelift is and the limitations of non-surgical treatment options of the neck.

Deep Plane Facelift & Necklift - Playlist with Pre Op & Post Op Consultations

Once surgery for a facelift & necklift has been completed, there are a few additional appointments to ensure proper recovery and healing of the wound. In this video, Dr. Stanislaw will review what recovery looks like for a facelift & necklift, and how patients can use their own hair to conceal the surgical scars until they heal.

Postoperative Period For Otoplasty Plastic Surgery

Watch Dr. Paul Stanislaw explain details on what to expect and instructions for the postoperative period of otoplasty plastic surgery. For more information, visit our website at www.stanislawmd.com or call us at (860) 404-6133.

Chin Augmentation with Deep Plane Facelift and Neck Lift

Watch Dr. Paul Stanislaw explain more about chin augmentation with a deep plane facelift and neck lift procedure, and how the results can transform the face! To learn more about your facial surgery transformation options, visit our website at www.stanislawmd.com or call our office at (860) 404-6133 to schedule your consultation!

All About Upper Lids & Brows

Join Dr. Stanislaw to learn about upper lids & brows.

All About Chemical Peels with Dr. Stanislaw

Learn about how deep chemical & doctor-strength peels are done.

Have you ever wondered how facelifts are performed?

Join Dr. Stanislaw to learn about the various facelift techniques he performs and the results you can expect from this cosmetic surgery.

All About Slowing Down the Aging Process

Learn more about aging prevention with industry-leading injectables like Botox®, Dysport®, and dermal fillers with Dr. Paul Stanislaw.

Slowing Down the Aging Process

Learn about slowing down the aging process with Dr. Stanislaw and get tips to elevate your anti-aging regimen.

A Guide to Otoplasty, Ear Revision, & Ear Reduction

Join us for a Q&A on all the different types of ear surgery you can receive at Stanislaw Plastic Surgery: ear pinning (otoplasty), earlobe repair, and ear reduction

Getting Ready for Your Big Event!

See Dr. Stanislaw in his Facebook Live event. Learn all about WHEN to start booking a consult /procedure prior to a major event like a wedding, graduation, trip, etc.