Cosmetic Consultations

in Avon, Connecticut

Cosmetic Consultations

I personally want to assure you that your cosmetic consultation will be non-stressful and that it is simply an educational experience to help you make a well-informed decision. There is never any pressure to make a decision or commitment at the time of the consultation. You are always given the opportunity to take your time and to think about what was discussed. After your consultation, you should write down any questions that you may have and you are always welcome to come in for a second consultation so that I may answer your questions.

My goals of the consultation are to first understand the patient’s concerns and expectations, and second to educate the patient on the treatment options available to them for their specific concerns. Once I understand your concerns and expectations, I will perform an examination of your skin and facial features. I will then explain to you your treatment options, whether it is non-surgical, surgical, or both non-surgical and surgical interventions. I am always very mindful of cost, and I will give you a breakdown of the cost-effectiveness of the different treatment options.

We believe in building a strong relationship with our patients by spending that extra time to listen to your concerns, provide education, and offer suggestions for all available treatment options. In order to give you a proper consultation, we allocate a significant amount of our time. For this reason, a nominal fee is charged for Cosmetic Consultations.

Estimates are provided for non-surgical treatments and quotes are given for surgical treatments.  We honor our surgical quotes for 1-year following your consultation. 

Cosmetic Consultation with Complications

It is not uncommon for patients new to our practice to seek advice from us following a procedure or injection that didn’t come out as you expected or as a result of an injury or accident or for second opinions. These are considered Cosmetic Consultation with Complications. Typically, these consultations are more involved therefore, we charge a consultation fee.

When appropriate, an estimate for non-surgical and a quote for surgical treatments are provided on the day of your consultation. We honor our surgical quotes for 1-year following your consultation.

Skincare Consultations

Our Licensed Medical Esthetician provides a skin assessment, prepares a customized skincare protocol, and educates you on how to use the recommended products.

Patients starting a medical skincare protocol require clearance from the doctor. In these cases, a Cosmetic Consultation of $150 is charged for the physician clearance, and the Skincare Consultation fee is waived.

Makeup Consultations

Our Licensed Medical Esthetician will perform a color match and make product recommendations. A $75 Makeup Consultation fee is assessed for this service.

At the time you make your reservation, we will determine which consultation is most appropriate. All appointment reservations require prepayment.

You are asked to download the registration forms and have them completed prior to your visit.

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