Plastic Surgery in Wilton, CT

in Avon, Connecticut

Plastic surgery in Wilton, CT

Dr. Paul Stanislaw Jr. offers several surgical and non-surgical procedures in addition to injectables for those dealing with facial issues. If you are in Wilton and surrounding areas, you can benefit from the many treatments offered by the Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center after careful evaluation of your skin and understanding your goals.

Other than wanting to change the aesthetics of a facial feature you do not like, you can also consult Dr. Stanislaw for restoring the functionality of a feature that has sustained changes due to genetics, birth defects, injury or age-related changes. Dr. Stanislaw offers the best procedures to help you achieve your goals and individual care throughout the procedure and during recovery. He is double certified in head and neck surgery as well as plastic and reconstructive facial surgery procedures. if you are also looking for facial surgery procedures in Wilton, you must schedule a consultation with him.

Facial procedures

Surgical facial procedures can help you achieve dramatic enhancement to your facial features. There are many options offered by Dr. Stanislaw to those who are struggling with severe signs of aging like wrinkles, fine and deep lines on their face and volume loss. You can also change the appearance of a feature you were born with or remove a benign lesion at the Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center. The surgical features available at Wilton include:

Non-surgical procedures

Not everybody wishes to undergo a surgical procedure to enhance their facial features. Some people may not be qualified for a surgical procedure while others might want to retain their surgical results with another touch up treatment. In all such cases, Dr. Stanislaw’s expert care and experience helps him recommend the best treatment so that you can achieve the goals you have in mind. These procedures offer less discomfort, downtime and recovery while offering naturally beautiful results. Patients in Wilton can choose from the following non-surgical procedures:

Spa procedures

For years now, injectables have offered cosmetic surgeons the perfect tool to help their patients fight aging signs without having to resort to a surgery. Dr. Stanislaw is an expert in facial procedures and after careful consideration, he will develop the best treatment plan to help you achieve your goals. Neuromodulators and dermal fillers help reduce wrinkles, fine lines and smoothing out the skin. The spa at Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center also offers medical grade peels and skin tightening procedures. Those in Wilton can choose from the following treatments:


Skin care products

Skin damage is not easily visible to the naked eye. If you believe that your skin is not healthy anymore, Dr. Stanislaw can help evaluate your skin, diagnose the problem and then develop an expert treatment plan to help you regain the youthful glow and health to your skin. You can purchase world class skin products at the center which can help with skin that is aging and dehydrated, oily skin, issues like acne and rosacea and for hyper pigmentation. You can also benefit from the preventive skin care products that can be bought at the Wilton store. These products include:


About Wilton

Wilton is an affluent town in the Fairfield County in southwestern Connecticut. There are several parks and recreation, clubs and organizations in the town like the Newcomers Club, Wilton Women’s Club, Kiwanis Club and the Moms Club of Wilton. The Wilton Parks and Recreation Department offers several programs for all ages; there are also walking paths including the Norwalk River Valley Trail. A popular picnic area is the Merwin Meadows which features a pond, athletic field and playground.