SunFX Skincare Products

Body Wash

To get the most out of your SunFX spray tan it’s vital that you prepare your body correctly. An integral part of this preparation process involves thoroughly cleansing your body with a quality body wash. And none are better than SunFX Body Wash.

Light, foaming and non-abrasive, SunFX Body Wash is perfect to use just before exfoliating, prior to your tanning appointment. Because of it’s non-abrasive nature, SunFX Body Wash is also the ideal personal wash for maintaining your SunFX spray tan. Combining aloe vera, chamomile and vitamin E extracts, SunFX Body Wash features wonderfully relaxing fragrances designed to stimulate and revitalise your spirits. In fact, it is so beautifully gentle on the skin, many of our customers use it as their everyday wash.

Travel Pack

Our all time SunFX favourite… SunFX’ walnut infused, Body Polish has now replaced the superseded body wash. Why do people love the travel pack so much? The Travel Pack tubes are the ultimate size to ensure you can keep your tan looking perfect away from home. The SunFX Travel Pack includes Summer’s Secret, Tan Extender, Body Shimmer & Body Polish all in convenient 65ml tubes. With all new styling and look and colour, the SunFX travel pack also makes the perfect gift.

Body Shimmer with Macadmia Oil

Extend and highlight your SunFX spray tan with our stunning SunFX Body Shimmer. Ultra-hydrating and illuminating, Body Shimmer creme with nourishing shea butter, sweet almond and macadamia oil really does bring out your inner glow. With a fresh, natural aroma, you skin will feel wonderfully alive and look spectacular. Be sure to ask your salon or day spa for SunFX Body Shimmer to beautifully Compliment your tan.

Tan Extender with Almond Oil

Now that you have your gorgeous new SunFX spray tan, it stands to reason that you want to keep for as long as possible. SunFX Tan Extender is designed to do just that. Filled with natural extracts of almond oil, olive oil and restorative shea butter, our unique body lotion will deeply hydrate your skin and extend the life of your SunFX tan. Best of all, our SunFX Tan Extender even offers some mild anti-wrinkle properties. So to keep your tan looking its best for longer, try SunFX Tan Extender when you get your next salon tan.

Summer’s Secret

Summer’s Secret is a wonderfully unique product, which allows you to not only extend the life of your SunFX salon tan, but also enables you to build a tan from scratch. It even hydrates your skin!

Virtually 3 products in 1, Summer’s Secret is an ultra-smooth, luscious, hydrating moisturizer that builds a natural glowing tan over the course of a few days. It perfectly compliments your SunFX spray tan by acting as an ideal tan extender. So if you want a product that BUILDS, EXTENDS and HYDRATES, then you simply can’t go past Summer’s Secret.

White Out

Anyone who wants to look their tanned best is guaranteed to have a can of SunFX White Out in their medicine cabinet. White Out allows you to create your own amazingly natural looking tan at home, or can be used to refreshen your current spray tan. Wonderfully simple to apply, Whiteout will leave you with a beautiful tan that will last up to 7 days.

Don’t be the pale, untanned, odd one out. Grab a can of SunFX White Out today and start looking your tanned and beautiful best.

Caribbean Summer
Caribbean Summer is a gorgeous 100% all natural tan building/moisturizing foam that leaves the skin feeling beautifully revitalized and rehydrated. Caribbean Summer features a unique blend of premium quality natural tanning agents that produces a stunning, natural looking tan that can last for up to 7 days. Available in three different levels – Medium and Dark.