Written Patient Cards

in Avon, Connecticut

Patient Testimonial
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, I appreciate your taking the time to explain everything before my surgery. Also thank you for seeing me when you were on vacation. It eased my mind about the breathing annoyances I have had. As a doctor; you have gone above and beyond everything I would have expected and spending seven hours doing this, you are a special person. Also, everyone on your staff has been really nice and helpful. Hope you have a nice Christmas and thank you again. - Janet”
Patient Testimonial
“I would like to share my experience with Dr. Stanislaw. I have had a few visits with him and his staff. My last visit I had a spot on my face. Dr. looked at it and I had a biopsy. Well it came back positive - I had Basal Cell. Dr. Stanislaw removed it and yes I had a scar. He told me not to worry about the scar after three months I would only have a fine line. Well yes he was right. Dr. is a kind, professional, caring perfectionist. His time is yours never in a hurry no questions left unanswered. He is a true artist his work is the best. His office staff is also greaty they are your first impression. I refer many patients to him. He is the best plastic surgeon. - September 2016”
Patient Letter
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw and Staff, I was so appreciative when I was in your office last Thursday, July 7th. You were so very kind by taking out 2 stitches after my recent motts surgery. I am not a patient as you do not take my insurance plan. However, after meeting with Debbie who showed me the special make up to cover my bruises. You made time to look at me and I felt so much better when I left your office. You and your staff members made me feel better as I was rather depressed after my surgery. So please know that care was well received and grateful.”
RateMD Testimonial

Dr. Stanislaw is a great surgeon who does not push surgery if it is not needed. He was able to find a solution for me that was within my budget and got me the results I wanted. I highly recommend him to everyone. - March 2016

RateMD Testimonial
“I have had two lower facelifts, upper eyelid surgery and fillers over the years with Dr. Stanislaw. I am 100% completely satisfied with my procedures and with Dr. Stanislaw. I found him to be very professional and gave me very natural results. I feel that he made me look better not different. I have the utmost confidence in him and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. - April 2016”
RateMD Testimonial
“I have had fillers and pre-cancer surgeries and Dr. Stanislaw's work is excellent. I do not have any scars from any of the surgeries and he has an eye for what your face needs regarding fillers to achieve a natural and youthful look. I would highly recommend him. His office staff is also outstanding and helpful. - May 2016”
Vitals Testimonial
“The best plastic surgeon in the greater Hartford area. His recommendations are always conservative, he listens and understands what you'd like to achive and gives you options. He also explains everything and gives you the amount of time you need. - May 2016”
Vitals Testimonial
“Dr Stanislaw is an outstanding plastic surgeon. He is highly skilled and just as important, he has a wonderful bedside manner. Dr. Stanislaw really listens and is conservative in his approach. I had some under eye issues that could not be resolved quickly or in one procedure. He laid out realistic recommendations that made sense to me and I have seen great improvement. Dr. Stanislaw is the type of physician that you can have a long term relationship with built on trust and candor. His staff shares his wonderful patient-focused perspective. - August 2016”
Vitals Testimonial
“Only person I've come to trust with my face after a bad experience elsewhere that had me depressed for months until I found Dr Stanislaw . I totally got my confidence back. - August 2016”
RealSelf Testimonial
“Everybody was really nice and made me feel comfortable. I chose Dr. Stanislaw because he is the best in the area and was more than qualified to work on my face. The procedure was pretty much painless and overall o was really satisfied! - May 2016”
Health Grades Testimonial
“Dr. Stanislaw is extremely professional and gave me very natural results. I feel that every time I look in the mirror it makes me feel very good about my appearance. I've had two lower facelifts over the years, upper eyelid surgery and several fillers. I found the procedures to be painless and have been 100% satisfied with all the work Dr. Stanislaw has done for me. I can recommend him with the utmost confidence. The best thing he does is that I look natural and not looking like someone else! - April 2016”
Health Grades Testimonial
“I have been a patient of Dr. Stanislaw for 10 years and I come for my botox injections every 3-4 months. I also have referred several people to him and all have been extremely happy. He is extremely detail oriented, listens to patient's concerns and will go out of his way to make the patient happy with the results. I can also say from working with him in the hospital setting that he does the best and the most beautiful procedures r/t neck, face, eyes and nose. - April 2016”
Patient Letter
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, At the risk of sounding like the first line of a romance novel, I have to say, "I think of you every morning while looking into my mirror to apply make-up." The reflection back makes me smile and makes me so happy! You did such a professional and beautiful job removing my facial flaw that bothered me so much. Even Dr. Gert approved and said, "it looked great" when I saw him this past week. Thank you. And with summer quickly approaching; please be assured I will stay out of the sun!”
Patient Letter
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, This note has two purposes, one to let you know that Sister Ann died peacefully on April 15 at Mary Home. And two, to thank you for the many times you attended to her needs. Initially to restoring her lower lip, followed by the removal of many facial lesions. I personally have witnessed your skill of carefully removing lesions and restoring a persons looks without scarring. I pray you are able to perform miracles for a long, long time. Thank you for using your God given gift.”
Vitals Testimonial
“Dr. Stanislaw spent over an hour explaining the procedures I was interested in , answered all of my questions honestly. Was very clear, and to the point never got the impression that he was trying to separate me from my money. Could not have been friendlier and easy to talk to. I highly recommend him. Dr. Stanislaw Patient - May 2015”
Vitals Testimonial
“Amazing plastic surgeon! Very talented and knowledgeable. An expert with fillers and injections. Dr. Stanislaw Patient - August 2015”
Vitals Testimonial
“I have recently had a procedure done by Dr Stanislaw. I was able to schedule an appointment the next day which was wonderful. I was impressed by the service and attention they gave me. I was very pleased with the outcome .Removing bags under eyes. I would recommend to anyone that may need a facial procedure done. I look young again! Dr. Stanislaw Patient - October 2015”
Vitals Testimonial
“Dr Stanislaw is one of the greatest PS I've been too. He's very articulet, artistic & has a great bed side manner. He's perfect with injectables, making sure you look young & beautiful. The staff & Paul are always courteous, polite & willing to answer any questions you may have. I would most definitely recommend him to my family & friends! Dr. Stanislaw Patient - October 2015”
Vitals Testimonial
“One of the best and most caring surgeons I have ever met. He made me feel at ease and even recommended an alternate to surgery that got me the results I wanted. I highly recommend Dr. Stanislaw, he truly cares about the patient and it is very obvious from the first consultation. Dr. Stanislaw Patient - December 2015”
RateMD Testimonial
“Dr. Paul Stainslaw and his extremely efficient, educated and caring staff have helped me age a little bit more graciously. I would highly recommend and trust in his expertise and compassion for any cosmetic surgical or non-surgical needs. Dr. Stanislaw Patient - September 2015”
RateMD Testimonial
“Dr. Stanislaw is a great surgeon who does not push surgery if it is not needed. He was able to find a solution for me that was within my budget and got me the results I wanted. I highly recommend him to everyone. Dr. Stanislaw Patient - March 2016”
RealSelf Testimonial
“Dr. Stanislaw is an amazing plastic surgeon! In my eyes a plastic surgeon needs to have a solid medical background, as well as an eye for what looks good on each individual person. He definitely has both. Anyone with a medical degree can give these types of injections with just a weekend course. I FIND THIS SCARY! Knowing Dr. Stanislaw is also a certified Ear, Nose and Throat doctor Makes me feel at ease with whatever he does because he has indepth training of the face. I initially went for my consultation with many questions and concerns. He answered every one of my questions and put me at ease. He did not pressure me into anything, but provided me with facts. He is very calm and understanding. I have a tendency to get very faint when it comes to needles, and during my injections I "almost" pass-out every time. When this occurs, Dr. Stanislaw just lays me down and puts ice packs on my head and reassures me that everything is ok. Usually when this happens at other doctor's offices they get noticeably annoyed with me, which makes me feel even worse. Not here! From the doctor to the nurses everyone is super friendly and helpful. I would not consider going to any other doctor when it comes to my face. I see a lot of groupons offering Botox and injections, and trust me when I tell you you'll be happy paying more for an expert! In the case of plastic surgery you get what you pay for!!!! Dr. Stanislaw Patient - August 2015”
Patient Letter 1
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, Thank you so much for my wonderful new look. My face and eyes are expertly enhanced thanks to you. I look like me – just a better me. What a wonderful 60th birthday gift to myself. I was so lucky to have met you at your seminar and to discover that all could be accomplished with a local anesthetic. I am lucky to have met such an excellent surgeon. I sincerely appreciate the level of care I received from you and your staff. Thank you so much!”
Patient Letter 2
“Seems you’re giving them too much competition! Thanks so Much Children & Grandchildren”
Patient Letter 3
“I want to express how grateful I am for the exemplary care that my sister, Mary Ellen Donahue, has received at the Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center. I am amazed at the transformation in Mary Ellen’s appearance, but of course there is so much more. Now she will eat and drink normally, speak clearly, have healthier teeth and avoid the signs of a serious facial disfigurement. My respect for your medical expertise and surgical skills is exceeded only by my gratitude for your willingness to accept Mary Ellen as your patient. I know you must have inconvenienced yourself and others by making Mary Ellen’s case such a high priority. We are so fortunate that Dr. Makkar referred us to you. A significant silver lining in this whole experience has been our introduction to a great group of dedicated, highly skilled doctors and their outstanding staff. Your staff is incredible. A special thanks to Debbie for her calm patience as she answered our endless questions. She really helped put Mary Ellen at ease at a stressful time. You are gifted with a unique ability to change people’s lives for the better. I am very thankful that your gift has touched Mary Ellen. Very Best Regards Dan”
Patient Letter 4
“Dear Paul, Thank you so much for taking such good care of Victoria, especially, in such an inopportune day as New Years! We hope you and your wife enjoy a nice night out! ”
Patient Letter 5
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw and staff, I want to thank you for the care I received from you. I was very impressed by the kindness and professional manner that was taken. A special thank you to the doctor for being so good at what you do. I will never forget what you did for me. ”
Patient Letter 6
“Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did Doctor Stanislaw and the extra care that you gave me during and after my face and neck procedure. You perform excellent work and I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to do any procedures. It is not about looking like I was at 20 but looking my best at 63 and it did actually took years off my face as when I had my 7 year old grandson with me last week and, a lady thought I was the mother, that’s not so bad is it? Perhaps she was a bad age guesser or she could not see well, but since it is my choice to believe what I want then we will say I look that good. Yes that is what I will say. Also thank you to your wonderful staff. Everyone was so very nice and all were very supportive and professional. They are a wonderful team working for you and speak so highly of you doctor. Debbie I wish you health and happiness in your new home, it sounds like such a wonderful place to live and I know you will be very happy there. Who knows I might just be back someday for my eyes, but thank goodness I am not unhappy yet with them, at least for now. Sincerely, (painting a face - picture) if only it was this easy girls! ”
Patient Letter 7
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, This thank you is way overdue but very heartfelt nonetheless. In January 2006 you kept your office open late to receive and take care of my daughter, Chelsey, who was bitten by our dog. You were very patient, kind and skilled. You spent time discussing our options giving us time to digest what needed to be done. You used your talent to stitch up the cuts on her face and did such a beautiful job then (and with instructions on how to treat the area afterwards) that there are no scars! She is a beautiful, self confident young lady. Enclosed is a copy of her 10th grade photo taken 10/07. We both cannot thank you enough for staying late for us. You’ve made a lasting difference in a young person’s life. God bless you. ”
Patient Letter 8
“Dr. Stanislaw, Thaya & Patty…. There is no way I can ever thank you all enough for the kindness and consideration you have shown me. It is deeply appreciated, especially since my surgery was something I had thought about for a long time and now my dream has come true. You have been so understanding through all of this – especially Dr. S. since I gave him the third degree at my consultation! …but I wanted to be absolutely positive I chose the right man….and I did. People are starting to notice and I just feel so much more confident. And when I look in the mirror now, I don’t see my daughter’s dog!! So again…thank you for everything. You’ll never know how much you all mean to me…you made me feel very special. And my husband thanks you too…even though he loved me the way I was, he was very impressed with the whole procedure and is extremely happy because I’m happy. What a guy, huh? Sincere thanks for all you’ve done. ”
Patient Letter 9
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for making my complexion look beautiful. After many years of looking in the mirror and viewing the redness of Rosacea and enduring the embarrassment of having others ask why my face was so red, I am absolutely thrilled to look at my beautiful complexion with no traces of red! I had my choice of many doctors in the upstate New York area of Rochester to perform laser treatment for my Rosacea. I am so happy that I made the decision to drive to Connecticut to seek treatment from a doctor who provides excellent professional services as well being a kind and compassionate individual who genuinely cares about his patients. Thank you again – I am delighted with the results! Sincerely ”
Patient Letter 10
“Dear Dr. Paul Stanislaw, Thea, Patty, & Staff, Thank you ALL! You’re incredible friendliness & professionalism was much appreciated. I felt comfortable and cared for by everyone at your facility, and will highly recommend you to anyone in need of services. I will keep you all in my highest regard until we see each other again for future appts. Again, my gratitude & sincere praise for your care & skilled work. It made the wedding even better to feel comfortable! Much love & Peace ”
Patient Letter 11
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, Thank you so much! It took me so long to finally make my decision and as you know I am so ‘happy’ I did. I love my nose now, my husband said it was beautiful. You truly are very talented. Everyone in office and at the hospital could not have been nicer to me. If you would ever like to use me as a reference I would be happy to do it. Thanks again Candice ”
Patient Letter 12
“Dear Paul, Thank you for everything. I feel more confident now and I really love my new chin! I was very impressed with the staff in the OR the day of my procedure. I was nervous but they spoke very highly of you and your work. Hearing what they had to say, gave me sense of confidence. I knew I was in good hands with you. Indeed I was! Thank you again. Dotti ( ..it’s an “eternally grateful, forever in your debt, how can I ever repay you” note!) ”
Patient Letter 13
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw and staff, I want to thank you for the care I received from you. I was very impressed by the kindness and professional manner that was taken. A special thank you to the doctor for being so good at what you do. I will never forget what you did for me. ”
Patient Letter 14
“Thanks Dr. Stanishlaw for the care given me on yesterday, thank you for not allowing me to suffer all the pain. What a difference a day make. 14Sep01, I FEEL GREAT. May God forever Bless and keep you. Thanks! ”
Patient Letter 15
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, I would like to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my surgery. You are so professional and excellent at what you do - you did a beautiful job and made me feel calm and confident through the whole process. It is an amazing gift that you gave me and I am very grateful! See you soon and thanks again. ”
Patient Letter 16
“Give me, minimized my anxiety & provided clarity and direction. To you and all who helped me a sincere & heartfelt,”
Patient Letter 17
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, I am ever grateful for the incredible work you did for me at the time of greatest need. After my seriously unfortunate bicycling accident, you took control of a bad situation & artfully reconstructed my face. I am ever grateful for all the care received from St. Francis hospital, and especially that of yours & Dr. Fune’s. Although my face received major trauma, the dedication that you & all of the ER staff, housestaff, Dr. Culter, nurses & diagnostic staff. ”
Patient Letter 18
“Dear Paul, Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to speak to the Avon newcomers. Your presentation was very informative and from what I could see, well received by the women. I hope you will see some of the faces in the audience in your office in the future. Wishing you much success in your office in Avon! ”
Patient Letter 19
“Dr Stanislaw, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me this past week. Your brilliant surgery has left my family and I speechless! But in addition to your amazing skill, I will never forget your kindness and compassion! Happy vacation! Ann ”
Patient Letter 20
“September 2001 Dear Dr. Stanislaw, Many, many thanks from a grateful patient. Sincerely ”
Patient Letter 21
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful. I appreciate all that you’ve done for me. Sincerely”
Patient Letter 22
“Dr. Stanislaw & Lucy- Thank you so much for taking such great care of me on Tuesday. I truly appreciate the care & concern you both have for my well-being. Your office is top-notch! The back is already feeling better- just wanted to express my gratitude to you both. Best Monica”
Patient Letter 23
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, I wanted to write you a note to let you know that when our son Paul’s bandage came off of his forehead last week, we were so pleased with the results. Thank you! We appreciate your help and expertise. Sincerely”
Patient Letter 24
“Dr. Stanislaw, I feel that this is an appropriate reason to thank you for the excellent surgery and care that you have provided me. The reconstruction and skin grafts have healed very nicely and are scarcely noticeable. I also want to thank you for your concern and advice related to my cyst, that too is fading nicely. I truly appreciate your gentle manner and expertise during all the procedures. Sincerely”
Patient Letter 25
“I just wanted to write you a note to let you know what an amazing improvement I have seen in my skin since coming to you just a few short months ago. When I look in the mirror, I cannot believe the age spots have practically disappeared and my fine lines and wrinkles have started to soften and diminish. The products you recommended were spot on for the needs and problems I was having with my skin. I am so glad I stopped wasting my money on drug store products that promised to change my skin but never produced results. I also wanted to thank you for being so flexible, being able to stop in at my lunch hour is so convenient and proves to be a much needed relaxing break in my day. I truly couldn’t be happier and I wanted to thank you and the professional staff at Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center for all that you have done to make my experience so wonderful and providing me with results in my skin that far exceeded my expectations. I look forward to continue to use your services for years to come as well as recommend them to all of my friends and family. Sincerely, Brooke”
Patient Letter 26
“Dear Thaya, Thanksgiving is the time to take a moment and give thanks for those special people who make our lives just a little nicer – people like you. How true! Happy Thanksgiving”
Patient Letter 27
“Dr. Stanislaw, Thanks for all of your help and wonderful care!”
Patient Letter 28
“I can’t thank all of you enough for the wonderful, compassionate and professional care you gave me. “Wow”, its not often you get such outstanding attention as I received! I felt so overwhelmed and scared at first, and then everything just seemed to fall into place. The comforting care was what I needed. I’m very grateful and feel blessed that you all were there for me.”
Patient Letter 29
“Dear Paul, God Bless you abundantly! Thank you so much for taking care of my face. It looks like normal now. Everyone says you did an excellent job. May you have a wonderful Christmas. Good luck in your career. I know you will go far. Thanks for giving me back my smile!”
Patient Letter 30
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, I just want to take a moment to thank you for your attentiveness, expertise and overall bed side manner. I’m sure you might think its just your job. But I’ve experienced other specialist & other hospital staff that really did not live up to this experience. Also if you could pass along my thanks to all the staff @ the surgicare, they were so caring & understanding. Thanks again & best wishes”
Patient Letter 31
“Dr. Stanislaw, For all the gifts of the heart that you give day after day, thank you. You are such a blessing in this world. A note to let you know Harry and I appreciate all the hard work you did on Frank. You’re a great guy & your staff is excellent. Thanks again”
Patient Letter 32
“I am so excited with the improvements to my skin that were achieved working with Kristen Marino. Initially, I was hoping that Kris would help me to reduce some of the sun-damaged spots on my face. Kris performed a series of chemical peels on me in a warm, relaxing and extremely friendly environment. Additionally, I followed Kris’s advice for at-home skincare. I couldn’t be happier with the results – not only is the sun damage gone, but my skin is much brighter, much more youthful and the fine lines are gone too! Amy”
Patient Letter 33
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, I cannot thank you enough – no more scowling, no more bunny folds! My face actually feels better. Thank you. Thank you so very much. Saundra”
Patient Letter 34
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, A great BIG THANKS for everything! Thank you so much especially for the personal way you spoke to me after anyone else. It meant so much to me and made me feel at ease. And everything would be fine. Then should be more doctors like your self. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you. Thank you again”
Patient Letter 35
“Dear doctor, God bless you with the same PEACE, HOPE and LOVE that you bring to the lives of others. Many thanks for All you’ve done for me! I sincerely appreciate your kindness & the special attention you give me. God bless you & your gifted hands! Sincerely Sister Ann”
Patient Letter 36
“As you look to the star And follow its light To the child who was born On that first Christmas night, May God bless you and keep you In His loving care, And may peace be His answer To this Christmas prayer. Thank you for your wonderful care. I am so grateful that Dr. Singh put me in touch with you. Your staff could not be any nicer or kinder. You provide a very caring environment. Sincerely, Henry”
Patient Letter 37
“Dr. Stanislaw and staff Just a quick note to thank you all for your patience and kindness during my recent procedure. Everything went smoothly just as Dr. Stanislaw said it would and I must add it was painless as well. I am extremely pleased with the results and cannot thank you all enough. I will not hesitate for a moment to recommend your services to others! Again, thank you!”
Patient Letter 38
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, Mike and I can’t thank you enough for all of your kindness and generosity. You really took extra special care of me and made us both feel so comfortable with the process. I can see why everyone I spoke to about having surgery done told me that I had to go to you, as you are the best. Thank you for your time and effort to achieve a perfect outcome. From what I can see already, absolutely gorgeous! My thanks to you again. Cindy”
Patient Letter 39
“Paul I could not possibly have asked for anything more. You are both brilliant and compassionate – not to mention patient! It was quite a memorable adventure! Thank you, thank you for everything you did to make this as easy as possible. Warm regards Suzi”
Patient Letter 40
“Dr. Stanislaw I want to thank you once again for taking time out of your day to see me. I am so happy with the way my nose looks and I much appreciate your thoroughness. Thank you Chris”
Patient Letter 43
“Dr. Stanislaw, Thank you, once again, for taking the time out of your personal life to help me. You have gone over and above the call of duty to ensure that my nose healed well and I was happy with how it looks. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the attention you have provided. It has allowed me to not feel self conscious about my appearance. With that, your dedication to all of your patients is remarkable and in my opinion, sets you apart from any doctor I have ever seen. Please accept this gift and allow me to show my gratitude. I profusely thank you. Chris”
Patient Letter 44
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw and staff, Thank you for the opportunity to try out your services. I truly appreciated your kind friendly treatment as well as the great results. Although I was not a paying customer, having won the grand prize, you treated me so well. I’ll be back. Eileen”
Patient Letter 45
“There’d be more smiles and jawlines like mine! Thanks You are awesome! Thanks Lynn”
Patient Letter 46
“I wanted to thank you all for the time you took to help remove my daughter’s wart. Everyone including the front desk/ scheduling, nurses and Dr. Stanislaw – exhibited the kind of patience dedication and compassion that is so rare in the medical field. You put my daughter at such ease….i honestly don’t think we could have done it without you. With much appreciation and the warmest regards Eileen”
Patient Letter 47
“Hi, some folks are saying my new haircut (?) is nice but mostly I am hearing I look much happier and relaxed. Thank you! That was exactly what I was hoping would happen. I though the marionette lines made me look grumpy and tense. A good friend asked me if some good things happened for me recently. I smiled and didn’t say anything but the answer is yes: at Stanislaw. Margarita”
Patient Letter 48
“Dear Doctor Paul, Thank you for taking such good care of me. So far, no bloody noses. Only one month till my birthday! From Kaitlyn”
Patient Letter 49
“My experience at your skin care salon was a very positive one. Kristen has given me excellent advice and attention. She is very caring, very professional and most important listens to what the client wants and needs. Joyce”
Patient Letter 50
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw and staff, I just wanted to take the time to let you know how happy I am with everything you have done. Your staff was so helpful with any questions I had and I even had make-up put on there to cover my bruises. I looked great for my date I had that night. I would recommend you to anyone! Thanks again Kathy”
Patient Letter 51
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, Thank you for taking care of me. My face has not looked this good since I was a kid. I am relieved my biopsy was OK and pray I do not have skin CA again. I use the zinc oxide lotion everyday. You are a blessing to those you care for. Best to you Maureen”
Patient Letter 52
“Dr. Stanislaw, I have been going to Dr. Stanislaw for almost 5 years now and I can say that he is absolutely the best at what he does. He takes the time to talk and go over what your concerns are, he never tries to talk you into having more done than what you say is bothering you, he explains what he can do for you and what you can expect from the procedure and is exactly correct on everything he tells you. He is very personable an certainly brings an air of confidence and comfort in what he tells you and what he does, makes you feel very comfortable with him. One action that Dr. Stanislaw did was totally impressive to me – when I had my first procedure done, he wrote on the paper his number at home that he has for after hours in case I felt something was going wrong, so in other words he can be reached for emergency problems after office hours, honestly that is not what most doctors will do, you would be told o go to emergency if you had a problem and the doctor would find out at some point later on the next day or whatever but Dr. Stanislaw takes care of his patients himself, this made me feel that he takes full responsibility for his work and cares about his work and patients. Not that I ever had any problem from anything done by Dr. Stanislaw but I have to say when I saw him write that after hours contact number I felt much more at ease and having something done for the first time you do tend to be nervous about it but not now I have full trust in Dr. Stanislaw and would recommend having him be the one you go to go for any facial procedure, you would absolutely be in expert hands with him.”
Patient Letter 53
“I go twice a year for filler into the nose fold areas and will be going to have also have permalip done this time along with nose folds filled. I have been extremely happy with the nose fold fillers and decided to venture into the permalip. When I leave his office after having the nose folds filled I could easily put on make-up and go out later if I wished too, I have no bruising, there is slight swelling but not noticeable to anyone else as I go to work the next day and no one even notices any swelling. The procedure takes away that deep sinking of the area around the nose and last a very long time, but best if retouched every 6 months and it only takes a little to fill after the first initial filling, I love the look it leaves. I was also very lucky to be able to converse with Debra Kehoe the practice administrator on permalip procedure. She gave me total information on what it was and what was done, what to expect etc, she was extremely helpful and answered many questions, this was so convenient to be able to just chat with her via e-mail and never leave home or work to get all the info and she scheduled it into my normal visit that was to take place at the end of the year. His entire staff is very professional and helpful, which tells volumes about what kind of doctor he is for having such a reliable staff. Sincerely Carol”
Patient Letter 54
“Dear Paul- You are simply THE BEST! Thank you for my “touch up”. I do not take lightly how serious & meticulously you stand behind your work. You are a rare doc – skill, talent & compassion. Thank you again. Warm regards Susan”
Patient Letter 55
“Dr. Stanislaw, I am writing to thank you! In early March you spent nearly an hour with me discussing a persistent skin rash. You identified a number of blood tests I should consider if the symptoms did not dissipate an you followed that up with a detailed note to my GP listing your recommendations. I want to thank you for the time you spent with me, your comprehensive and thorough approach to my care and most importantly taking the time to detail your recommendations and pass them on to my GP, Dr. Kalinowski. I am extremely grateful for the quality of care you provided me! Heather”
Patient Letter 56
“Dear Dr. Paul, Our deepest thanks for opening up your heart and office to give care to Josh with his injury. Your name has gotten around because I’ve told so many about your kind act and the good fortune of having a Plastic Surgeon at hand at that moment. Truly good luck! In fact, my good friend’s daughter was a patient of yours and she thinks you’re awesome. So thanks again for your kindness and caring. We will always remember! Sincerely – Ray, Mark & Josh”
Patient Letter 57
“Dr. Stanislaw, Thank you so much for your impromptu advice, regarding my daughter, Alyssa. Her treatment went exactly as you predicted! Matt continues to heal in every way. He has returned to work. Everyone is so happy for him, MANY THANKS! Best wishes to you and yours, this holiday season! Kim & Matt”
Patient Letter 58
“Wishing you the warmth and joy of the season. Merry Christmas and a great New Year. I am doing fine, and again I say, may God watch over your hands. With love Mary”
Patient Letter 59
“Dr. Stanislaw, Thanks for all of your help and wonderful care!”
Patient Letter 60
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, I wanted to personally thank you for completing a very successful Otoplasty on me. I am extremely pleased with the results, and cannot thank you enough. You and your staff are true professionals, and I would send anybody interested in getting surgery your way. I enjoyed our talks about fishing, hunting, politics and sports. Just know that you will have a spot in the Honeyman Administration cabinet….position to be decided. Hope all is well.”
Patient Letter 61
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, I thank you so very much, my forehead thanks you, for “smoothing out the wrinkles”. What a fabulous difference and what a generous gift. Thank you, thank you!!”
Patient Letter 62
“Dr. Stanislaw, I would like to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy New Year. Thank you for being an excellent doctor and a wonderful person. Fondly”
Patient Letter 63
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw & staff, Thank you so very much for your kindness. PS. I love my beautiful hands.”
Patient Letter 64
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, There are no words that can express our appreciation of your reviewing my situation. While you did not discover any “red herrings”, your explanation of the what is going on with my left sinuses helped me to better appreciate what I am dealing with and how to proceed. I now know that I will not have further surgery and have started rinsing 3x per day. If a significant infection develops, then the use of nebulized antibiotics will be the treatment of choice. Also, you were absolutely spot on with your diagnosis of the Basal Cell Carcinoma. I had the “mole” removed and biopsied two weeks ago and it came back positive. I am scheduled for a consult on July 26 and Mohs surgery to be scheduled shortly thereafter. I have been to so many Drs. For my sinus issue and no has provided me with the level of understanding that I now have. Again, a heartfelt thank you! All our best, Tom”
Patient Letter 65
“Dear Madam or Sir, On Wednesday, 2/2/2011 I had eye surgery at your center. Because it had been snowing the prior night, we arrived early, approximately 6:30 am. A place to park was not at all obvious. There was a young man wearing a Yankee cap starting to move snow with a bobcat. I approached him for help and he immediately got out of his bobcat, talked to me and offered to plow a lane into the adjacent parking area. While this was happening another young man arrived in a pickup, came over to see if he could be of help and subsequently had the first person plow a spot right across from the entrance. He then directed and helped us both till we were inside. I was just struck by how courteous and helpful both these men were, especially on a cold, snowy morning when for most of us, patience was running thin. There efforts were certainly worthy of my time in acknowledging them and bringing them to your attention. All your staff were pleasant, helpful and made the surgery as pleasant as surgery can be, but these guys stood out and truly got the day started on the right foot. Appreciatively, Ray and Phyllis”
Patient Letter 66
“Dear Dr. Stanislaw, Debbie & Lucy, I can’t thank all of you enough for the wonderful, compassionate and professional care you gave me. “Wow”, its not often you get such outstanding attention as I received! I felt so overwhelmed and scared at first, and then everything just seemed so fall into place. The comforting care was what I needed. I’m very grateful and feel blessed that you all were there for me.”