Milia: What Is It & What Causes It?

in Avon, Connecticut

Milia are keratin (a fibrous protein found on the outside surfaces of the body) filled cysts that form just under the skin surface and look like white or yellowish bumps. They are often mistaken for whiteheads.

There are several factors that cause milia in adults. Most commonly, they occur due to a buildup of dead skin trapped in the pores, near the surface of the skin. Milia can also happen when a skin infection or trauma clogs the sweat ducts (i.e. laser treatment, chemical peels, herpes). A lack of sleep, smoking, poor personal hygiene or long-term steroid use can also contribute to the milia.

Milia will naturally come to the surface of the skin after a few weeks or months. The safest way took remove milia and by seeing a skincare professional otherwise, you may risk damage to your skin using poor techniques.


  1. Cleanse thoroughly in the morning and evening and always remove makeup before bedtime.
  2. Exfoliate: Regular exfoliation works wonders in preventing milia; an acid exfoliant is very effective.
  3. Retinols: Vitamin A assists in skin cell turnover allowing milia to surface.
  4. Eye care products should be carefully chosen and made specifically for the eye area due to limited blood circulation.
  5. Limit intake of cholesterol-rich foods and incorporate Vitamin-D in your diet.
  6. Avoid heavy oil-based skincare and makeup
  7. Limit sun exposure.

Always purchase professional skincare products through an authorized dealer. Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center offers ZO Skin health line, PCA skincare line and SkinCeuticals and has a Licensed Medical Esthetician on staff to assist you with your needs.

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