Definition of Healthy Skin

in Avon, Connecticut

Many people wonder what we as professionals mean when we refer to “prepping” skin. To achieve the best results for an upcoming procedure we need to prepare your skin first.

If your skin is not in the healthiest condition (example: rosacea, acne, dry skin to name a few) you may not be a candidate for injections, surgery, or deep chemical peels until your skin is properly prepared.

Healthy skin is:  

  • Soft and smooth in texture
  • Firm and tight; abundant collagen and elastin
  • Even in color with no hyperpigmentation (brown spots)
  • Hydrated deep within the skin
  • Tolerant of the surrounding environment
  • Intact barrier function (outer layer of skin)
  • Free from disease with normal skin histology (structure of skin)

We would be happy to help you achieve your Healthy Skin Care Goals. Reach out and schedule a consultation with our Licensed Medical Esthetician, Julie.

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