Ask the Skincare Expert: Which Products Should I Avoid if I Have Sensitive Skin?

in Avon, Connecticut


There is more than one reason why skin can be “sensitive”. There are truly people with sensitive skin and there are factors that cause sensitivity, such as aggressive use of harsh skincare products, health issues, and weather that strips the moisture barrier. The goal is to correct the health and balance of the skin. Products that should be avoided are any non-hydrating cleansers, soothing or calming; creamy, hydrating cleansers are preferable for sensitive skin.

Additionally, avoid any toners with alcohol, harsh astringents, or acids that would be used to treat oily or acneic skin. Instead, choose a toner with a blend of conditioning, moisturizing, and hydrating ingredients, which helps soothe and heal the skin.

A very abrasive scrub should be avoided. However, using a very gentle scrub 2-3 times weekly would be helpful.

Vitamin C/E products at a high percentage (15% or 20%) should be avoided. A low percentage, such as 10%, would be best. Eventually, with the approval of the doctor or esthetician, you could gradually increase the strength if needed.

Use of retinols or prescription strength Tretinoins should only be used at the recommendation of the doctor or esthetician.

Be mindful to avoid products with added perfumes or makeup with chemical preservatives, parabens, synthetic fragrance, fillers or binders all of which can lead to sensitivity issues.

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