Plastic Surgery in Greenwich, CT

in Avon, Connecticut

Dr. Paul Stanislaw is at the head of Stanislaw MD in Greenwich. When looking for facial surgical procedures, you can be assured of the best care and comfort since not only does Dr. Stanislaw has extensive experience but also a double certification in otolaryngology and facial & reconstructive surgery. Dr. Stanislaw and his staff understand the dynamics of facial aging and are glad to offer you individualized procedures to help regain a youthful appearance.

Facial surgical procedures

Not everybody ages in the same way and the staff at Stanislaw MD understand this. You may have lost skin elasticity as well as a reduction in collagen. Instead of fat gain, some people loose volume in their face with age too. In addition to these changes, the facial skin is also susceptible to gravity. Your way to complete facial rejuvenation begins with consultation. This is when an experienced surgeon like Dr. Stanislaw determines which component of the aging process is present in your face as well as its severity. This is how a multi-faceted approach to your facial rejuvenation is determined and a combination of the best procedures in your case are decided upon.

Non-surgical facial procedures

A number of people are not ready to undergo a surgical procedure and want to pause the aging process with a non-surgical intervention. In addition, some non-surgical procedures enhance the results of a surgical one. Dr. Stanislaw offers various non-surgical procedures that help eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, alter the shape of your nose, reduces acne scars and rejuvenates the cheek or eyes among other beneficial procedures. These procedures will give you natural and long lasting results where your facial issues are reduced; and new collagen production is increased giving you a glowing and healthy skin.

Injectables at Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center | Greenwich, CT

Injectable fillers are the best temporary solution to several facial issues and most people opt for them since there is usually little or no downtime involved. This means you can get your treatment with Dr. Stanislaw and return to your work looking and feeling rejuvenated. Fillers like Botox and Juvederm help deal with various wrinkles and fine lines that may be affecting your self-confidence each day. Most of these injectables contain lidocaine which is a local anesthetic so that your treatment is comfortable. If you still wish, you can be given a topical anesthetic. Unless you have undergone the simplest of procedures, you will be given Dr. Stanislaw’s number to get in touch in case of any questions post the treatment. This level of personal commitment from him and his staff is why Stanislaw MD is one of the best practices in Greenwich.

About Greenwich, CT

Greenwich is a town in Fairfield county, Connecticut. The largest and most affluent town on the gold coast, it is home to several hedge funds. It is also home to the Greenwich International Film Festival which holds events all year round. The town has four beaches and a community sailing center.