About Injections

All cosmetic injections are performed in the office. Most of the injections have local anesthetic mixed in with them to make the injections more comfortable. Topical numbing medication can be applied prior to the injection if desired. Most surgical procedures are performed using a local anesthetic in our office surgical suite. More involved surgeries are performed at an outpatient surgical center under anesthesia. Patients go home after their surgical procedure. During your consultation, I will decide the appropriate type of anesthesia and appropriate location for your surgical procedure.

After a procedure, whether it is a simple injection or a complex surgical procedure, you are given my cell phone number so that you can reach me directly. You are instructed to call me at any time if you have any questions or concerns. Except for the simplest of procedures, there is usually a follow up appointment with me so that I can make sure the results of your treatment meet our expectations.