The Importance of a Physician Performing Your Cosmetic Injections

in Avon, Connecticut

Everyone is jumping on the band wagon as cosmetic injectors, including mid-level practitioners and non-core physicians. Plastic Surgeons, Facial Plastic Surgeons, and Dermatologists are core physicians and are trained specifically in cosmetic injections. Non-core providers receive significantly less training, in some cases, as little as a couple hours! For the safest and most effective results, you should choose a core physician for your cosmetic injections.

Avoid Complications

There is a common misconception that cos

metic injections are safe and easy to administer. This is not necessarily the case. There are risks associated with cosmetic injections that can range from purely aesthetic to something as serious as going blind or developing skin necrosis (skin dying). A poor aesthetic outcome is usually something that can be easily corrected by a trained physician. Knowing what to do when something goes wrong is imperative to a safe outcome. The training and experience a core physician has can make all the difference when it comes to avoiding and correcting complications.

Fillers are all the rage these days with many types of fillers on the market to choose from. The safest and most flexible are fillers made of hyaluronic acid. Fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm are commonly used to replace volume loss. All fillers carry the risk of occluding a blood vessel, causing skin necrosis.  Blindness, another serious risk, can occur when injecting around the eyes in the area known as the tear trough.  An experienced injector will take great care to avoid this from happening and more importantly, know what to do to prevent long-term damage and the best esthetic outcome should this occur.

Receive the Results You Want

Let’s talk about neuro-muscular blocking agents such as Botox and Dysport. Before an injection is administered, it is first important to determine if it is the most appropriate treatment. This is particularly important for the forehead, a common injection site. If you weaken muscles on a patient who has heavy brows, you may have a very unhappy patient. However, the injection will wear off over time. Proper assessment is critical to a favorable outcome and failing to recognize this is a common mistake amongst inexperienced injectors. A common approach to injecting neuro-muscular blocking agents is to use a “cookie cutter” template where everyone is injected exactly the same. A well-trained physician takes into account that each face is unique in how muscles are recruited. Each person should be injected based on the specific muscles that are being used for that individual. During the injection, Dr. Stanislaw determines where you are recruiting muscles from and selectively weakens those muscles. A 2-week follow up appointment for anyone new to this type of injection is recommended. This allows Dr. Stanislaw to determine if the injection is working appropriately.

Why Choose Dr. Stanislaw for cosmetic injections

Careful thought should be taken into consideration when selecting your cosmetic injector; safety first and aesthetic harmony second. Dr. Stanislaw personally administers all injections at Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center. His extensive knowledge of facial anatomy not only enables him to perform injections more safely, it also gives him a greater understanding of facial balance. Injections are a form of art requiring patience and a good aesthetic eye that not every physician has. A 2-week follow-up appointment is recommended for most injections. This enables Dr. Stanislaw to evaluate the injection and make adjustments to perfection.

When selecting a cosmetic injector, trust your face to a specialist! Contact our office today for your consultation with Dr. Stanislaw.

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