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Everything You Need To Know About Earlobe Repair

Earring use resulting in torn earlobes is a very common problem. Earrings can tear through the earlobe slowly and painlessly […]

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How Laser Hair Removal Works and the Negative Effects from Sun Exposure

My name is Patty Ferguson, RN, BSN, and I administer the laser hair removal treatments for Dr. Paul Stanislaw at […]

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Laser Treatment with Pulsed Dye Laser

PDL (pulsed dye laser) treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment used to treat benign facial redness issues and excessive blood […]

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Facelift Recovery from Day 1 to Day 30

When we age, we lose bone and soft tissue and our facial skin begins to lose elasticity. These changes to […]

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How Is Botox/Dysport Used for Medical and Cosmetic Purposes?

Botox/Dysport has both medical and cosmetic purposes. It can remove wrinkles on a temporary basis by weakening the muscles for […]

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Can Restylane Silk add Volume to my lips?

Our lips show some of the biggest signs of aging. With age, we lose volume and elasticity in our lips. […]

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