Why Home Skincare is Important

in Avon, Connecticut

If I could stress one thing, I would tell you to take care of & start protecting your skin as early as possible. By the time someone is sitting across from me in consultation, the damage is done and very difficult to correct.

Establishing a skin care routine

Every adult should start out their day brushing their teeth and applying a good sunblock. Preserving the elastin in your skin is the first and most important step in anti-aging. The next most important thing is the steps you do at home to take care of your skin. Find a good, medical esthetician through a dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon’s office and develop a skincare protocol to preserve your skin. Working with a medical esthetician will put you on the right track and help you achieve your skincare goals.  Medical estheticians will have access to medical and physician-grade skincare products.  I strongly recommend Retin-A, Vitamin C & E and a good micronized sunblock containing at least 8% zinc. The esthetician can also recommend other therapeutic products that can be slowly incorporated into your daily skincare routine.

In-office treatments

After establishing a good at-home skincare routine you can augment care with in-office treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels or collagen induction therapy once monthly. Combining at-home and in-office care will get you the best and fastest results. Patients that are consistent with their skincare protocols can enjoy healthy, beautiful skin and slow down the aging process.

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