Tips for Protecting Yourself from the Sun this Winter

in Avon, Connecticut

It’s hard to think of sunblock during the winter because it’s often so grey and cold out, however, sunblock during the winter months is very important if you plan to spend any time outdoors. We often forget that the snow intensifies the sun. In fact, you can actually get a sunburn in the middle of the winter from the reflection of the sun off the snow! If you’re planning an activity like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or anything else outdoors this winter, you’ll want to follow these tips to protect yourself from the winter sun.

Wear an Effective Sunblock

Yes, you still need sunblock in the winter! As long as the sun is out, you can still get burnt. It can be more difficult to tell when you’re getting burnt because of the cold, making sunscreen even more important in the winter. When choosing your sunscreen, be sure your active ingredients have plenty of zinc for a better broad-spectrum protection. We carry several sunblock products for all skin types; a favorite being the PCA Weightless Protection SPF 45.

Protect Your Lips Too!

Lips take a terrible beating in the winter, not only from the sun but from the wind and cold too. If you don’t protect your lips, a day of outdoor fun can leave them dry, cracking, and stinging! Use lip protection with SPF every day to keep your lips healthy and damage-free. We highly recommend the Jane Iredale Lip Drink with SPF 15 to keep lips hydrated and protected.

Don’t Forget Sunglasses

Whether you’re skiing, driving, or just out walking your dog, don’t forget to protect your eyes this winter. Sunglasses are extremely important not just in the summer but winter as well. The sun can damage your eyes from direct exposure, or from the reflections off the snow all around you. Excessive exposure to the sun can cause cancer of the eyes and cataracts. You only have one set of eyes, so don’t forget your sunglasses! When selecting sunglasses, be sure it offers 100% UVA and UVB protection.

If you want to know more about how to protect your skin this winter or how to obtain the right sun protection products, contact our office today.

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