The Benefits of Choosing Local Anesthesia

in Avon, Connecticut

Local and general anesthesia are important aspects of a surgical procedure. They keep you calm and comfortable during the treatment process and allow your surgeon to stay focused. With advanced surgical techniques, general anesthesia is not always required. There are many benefits to choosing local anesthesia when you can!

Local vs general anesthesia

Many invasive surgical procedures are performed under general anesthesia. With general anesthesia, you are completely asleep and the entire body is blocked from pain, so you won’t remember a thing from your procedure! While this sounds appealing for the procedure process, it can make your recovery a bit longer. It will take a little more time for you to feel normal again as you wake up and can leave you feeling nauseous. General anesthesia is typically required for  procedures which requires the patient to be very still or for procedures that are difficult to adequately numb the using a local anesthetic. Patients undergoing general anesthesia are also given a local anesthetic.

Local anesthesia involves numbing only the treatment area with an injection. You won’t feel any discomfort during your procedure, and you will be awake during the process. Local anesthesia is generally safer and involves fewer side effects.

Benefits of local anesthesia

There are many benefits to choosing local anesthesia when given the option. As opposed to general anesthesia, local anesthesia can be administered in-office so you can avoid a hospital setting. Local anesthesia will wear off more quickly, only affecting the treatment area, so you will start to feel like yourself sooner. You’ll also avoid the side effects associated with general anesthesia like nausea, vomiting, and confusion.  Some patients are weary of the idea of being put under and feel less anxious when choosing local anesthesia.

Procedures performed under local anesthesia

While general anesthesia and a hospital visit is required for more complex procedures like rhinoplasty, lower eyelid surgery, or endoscopic approach brow lift, there are a few surgical procedures that allow for local anesthesia instead. These include the facelift, upper eyelid surgery, pre-trechial browlifts and otoplasty. These procedures can be completed right in Dr. Stanislaw’s office.

Dr. Stanislaw will help you determine which medication is right for you to keep you comfortable during your procedure. For more information or to schedule your consultation, contact our office.

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