SLEEP: Many of us lack enough!

in Avon, Connecticut

Sleep is something we don’t always get enough of due to many reasons. Some are out of our control however there are some simple tips that we can incorporate into our routines that can truly help turn that around.

1. Having the same bedtime and awake time-even on weekends.

2. Having a “NO” screen policy an hour before bed. These devices can raise cortisol levels, which are no help if trying to lose weight.

  • NO laptop
  • NO Television
  • NO tablet
  • NO phone (if on, muted and face down)

3. Shift into sleep mode 30 minutes before you plan on sleeping. Slip into bed with a real book (no screens).

4. Have a ritual (bath, shower, aromatherapy, relaxing music etc.)

5. Avoid coffee, alcohol, heavy foods, anything too taxing on the body.  If waking between hours of 1:00 AM and 3:00AM, low blood sugar may be the cause.  A light snack (1-2 bites) of a carbohydrate, protein and fat (ex: toast with peanut butter) may help.

6. Keep bedroom cool

7. Focus on breathing (Slow deep breaths in and out)

8. Exercise regularly helps as well

Hopefully some of these tips will help for a better night’s sleep and in turn, give you younger more youthful-looking skin!

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