Restylane Silk

in Avon, Connecticut

What is Restylane Silk?

Restylane Silk is a form of hyaluronic acid, which mimics a naturally occurring, complex sugar in your body. Restylane Silk is synthetically formulated and is not derived from humans or animals. Since it is the same as the hyaluronic acid in your body, it breaks down naturally over time.

How does Restylane Silk work?

Restylane Silk is the thinnest and smoothest of the Restylane family (Restylane, Restylane Lyft). Because the Restylane Silk is the thinnest hyaluronic acid, it is ideal for the fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and provides a smooth subtle lip enhancement. Once injected into or under the skin, the hyaluronic acid immediately adds volume to lift fine lines.

Where is Restylane Silk used?

Restylane Silk is primarily used for fine lines and wrinkles, and adding slight volume to the lips. The ideal locations for Restylane Silk are delicate areas of the face, including areas around the eyes, the mouth and the lips.

Are there different types of hyaluronic acid?

There are three types of hyaluronic acid including a thin version, a medium version, and a thick version. Restylane Silk is the thin version of hyaluronic acid and is used for superficial wrinkles in delicate areas of thin skin. Restylane is the medium thick version of hyaluronic acid and it can be used in almost any area of the face. The thick version, Restylane Lyft, is used for lifting deeper wrinkles and folds, and for replacing volume to the face.

Does Restylane Silk work instantly?

Like all hyaluronic acid injections, Restylane Silk immediately adds volume to problem areas, correcting volume loss in the lips and fine lines and wrinkles.

How long does Restylane Silk last?

Restylane Silk results can last from 6 months to years, depending on the location of the injections. Some patients hold on to Restylane Silk longer than others. Areas with a lot of muscle movement, like around the mouth and lips, usually break down hyaluronic acid faster. During the consultation, Dr. Stanislaw can provide an estimate of the duration of your Restylane Silk results, based on the areas of your concern.

How many visits are there for a Restylane Silk injection?

Restylane Silk injections require a consultation appointment for patients undergoing the treatment for the first time. Patients who have had Restylane Silk before, generally don’t require a consultation before the injection session. A Restylane Silk appointment can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the location and the amount being injected. A follow-up appointment is scheduled one week following the injection to ensure optimal results and proper healing.

Is there downtime after a Restylane Silk injection?

Downtime depends on the location and amount that was injected. Some areas have a very short recovery period (some mild redness and swelling that may last a day or two), and some areas may have bruising for longer. Dr. Stanislaw will discuss your downtime during your initial consultation.

Will I have a bruise after a Restylane Silk injection?

Different areas of the face have different rates of bruising. For example, the risk of bruising for a Restylane injection of the nasolabial folds is about 5%, while the risk of bruising around the eyes is much greater; closer to 50%. These bruises are usually small, and can be easily covered with makeup. However, there are rare occasions when bruises can be large and cannot be concealed by makeup. Therefore, you should plan accordingly. Do not schedule an injection two weeks before any significant events where a bruise will be unacceptable.

How much discomfort is associated with a Restylane Silk injection?

Restylane Silk injections are relatively painless. Restylane Silk contains lidocaine, a numbing medication, which helps improve a patient’s comfort during a treatment. If you are worried about the pain associated with the injection, a topical numbing medication may be applied to the area before the treatment.

What are my restrictions after a Restylane Silk injection?

You should not massage or rub the injection site for at least one week after treatment. Also, avoid any facials or microdermabrasion for one week. You should not bend, lift, or strain yourself, and sleep with your head elevated above your heart with a few pillows. Dr. Stanislaw can inform you of all restrictions during your initial consultation.

Procedures/Treatments often performed in conjunction with a Restylane Silk injection

Some patients also choose to have Botox or Dysport at the same time as Restylane Silk to address their wrinkles caused by overworked muscles. Restylane Silk may also be combined with topical Retin-A, topical vitamin C, E, microdermabrasion, and facial peels.