Restylane Lyft – Now for the Hands

in Avon, Connecticut

Restylane Lyft is a popular injectable formula that can be placed in the cheeks or facial wrinkles to restore volume loss. Now, Restylane Lyft can also restore volume to the backs of the hands, making it the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid injectable filler to do so!

How the hands age

Like your face, the skin on the backs of your hands is extra sensitive, making them susceptible to the first signs of again, volume loss and wrinkles. With a loss of volume, veins, tendons, and bones in the hands become more visible. Just like your face, your hands can give away your age or make you look older than you are. The reason for aging skin is a loss of collagen, the key to strong skin.

How Restylane Lyft can help

When placed beneath the skin, Restylane Lyft can restore volume loss in the backs of the hands. Its hyaluronic acid formula is suspended in clear gel to fill in lines and give the skin a soft, supple appearance and feel. The formula is dissolvable, allowing your body to naturally eliminate the formula over time.

What to expect after treatment

After treatment with Restylane Lyft for the backs of the hands, you can expect instant volume for a more youthful appearance! You might experience some mild swelling, however, this should diminish over the next few hours. You can enjoy the results of your smooth hands for up to six months, after which you can choose to have a touch-up session to maintain your results.

To learn more about Restylane Lyft for the backs of the hands and to find our if you are a candidate for treatment, contact our office today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Stanislaw.

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