Post Holiday Detox!

The holidays are over, so it’s the perfect time to start cleansing your mind and body. Here are some quick tips for how to detox year-round:

  • Declutter: Get organized. Don’t be afraid to “let go” of items you don’t really need and donate them to someone in need.
  • Eat Healthy: Begin a whole-food diet. Avoid artificial sweeteners and processed foods. Drink more water.
  • Meditate: Meditation will detox your mind. Try beginning each day with a meditation period.
  • Be Grateful: Take a moment to reflect on something you are grateful for. If it’s a person, tell them so!
  • Forgive: Letting go of past transgressions and forgiving the offender is truly healing. Let go of toxic anger and free yourself.
  • Exercise: Take a nature walk to cleanse and rejuvenate your mind, body & soul.
  • Treat Yourself: Do something special for YOU on a regular basis because you deserve it!

So, what do you think ?