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Latisse is the only prescription treatment solution for hypotrichosis, or thin, inadequate eyelashes. Latisse has been studied for safety and efficacy to grow lashes thicker, longer, and darker for a more dramatic appearance. This FDA-approved treatment was discovered through an eye drop solution, and the patients began to grow longer, fuller lashes as a side effect. This “side effect” led to the study of Latisse’s main ingredient, bimatoprost, specifically for growing eyelashes, which was approved in 2008.

How does Latisse® work?

Although doctors don’t know exactly how Latisse works, they believe it has to do with increasing the growth cycle phase of your eyelash hair cycle. It is believed Latisse increases the length of the hair and the number of hairs in the growth phase. It is also prescription-based to ensure the proper treatment and use for the most effective results. It is applied to the base of the upper eye lashes at bed time much like you would apply an eye liner.

Am I a good candidate for Latisse®?

For the majority of patients, Latisse has worked wonders to grow their lashes gradually over time. Patients generally see an improvement of their lashes in about four weeks, with full improvement at 16 weeks. The best candidates for the Latisse treatment include individuals who are unhappy with the appearance of eyelashes due to inadequate fullness and length. Latisse is not right for people who are allergic to any ingredient in the product.

What are the side effects?

The most common side effect of Latisse is an itching sensation. Other side effects include eye redness, skin darkening, dryness of the eye, and redness of the eyelids. Latisse may also cause increased brown iris pigmentation, which may be permanent. Pigmentation changes to the iris have not been reported in patients using Latisse for lashes. The active ingredient, Bimatoprost, was original used to treat glaucoma. In patients using Bimatoprost for the treatment of glaucoma, iris pigment changes were noted in 4% of the patient base. Patients with blue eyes do not have pigment and therefore are not affected by this adverse effect. During consultation, all side effects and risks will be discussed to ensure proper safety for each patient.

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