It’s All About Prevention

in Avon, Connecticut

Hi There!  Are you interested in having beautiful youthful looking skin?

It all starts with prevention.  Using professional grade products that are scientifically proven to change the cellular activity in the skin is a perfect start.  Cleansing the skin from environmental factors as well as makeup helps the skin to rejuvenate.  Adding a toner is another way to balance the PH of the skin, allowing products to penetrate into the skin better.  Serums truly help with specific concerns of the skin whether it is hydrating, rejuvenating, topical vitamin C&E, and or hyperpigmentation (brown marks). These add to a more youthful acting and looking skin. Retinols/Retinoids used at night do help as well for exfoliation which speeds up production of collagen, which in turn prevents aging and even somewhat turns back the hands of time. There is no better treatment than prevention so starting early with good skincare is your best bet.  Adding monthly services to your at home skin care takes it even farther.  So book your appointment today at Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center for a consultation on the best products/treatments for your specific needs.

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