The Importance of Having a Skincare Schedule

in Avon, Connecticut


When you schedule appointments for treatments such as facials, microderms or peels, the importance of keeping these appointments is going to benefit you most if you maintain a regular schedule. Having one treatment is always relaxing and beneficial to brighten the skin’s appearance however; it takes skincare to a whole other level when consistently receiving these treatments.  The benefits are going to be more noticeable when trying to achieve skincare goals like anti-aging, lightening hyperpigmentation, hydration, improving acne or post acne scarring and congested or large pores.  Over time, your skin will reveal a brighter, healthier appearance as collagen and healthy skin cells restore.  We recommend purchasing a series to ensure compliance and save money! When purchasing a series, the 6th session if FREE!

So call Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center to book your skincare treatment today!

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