How Effective is a Botox/ Dysport Brow Lift?

in Avon, Connecticut

Botox/ Dysport injections have changed the way we age. While aging gracefully is what most people want, getting older with furrowed brows and wrinkled foreheads is not. Thankfully, our faces are the first place to show the signs of aging. Sagging brows can make us look chronically fatigued and years older than our real age. A Botox/Dysport brow lift gives patients a well-rested, rejuvenated appearance with no downtime.

With repeat injections, Botox/Dysport brow lifts can minimize the amount of wrinkling and sagging of the brows.

Here’s what you need to know about Botox/Dysport brow lifts.

What is a Botox/Dysport Brow Lift?

A Botox/Dysport brow lift is cosmetic procedure that treats sagging brows and furrows between the brows. Tiny injections of Botox/Dysport placed at the outer aspect of the brow work by temporarily blocking movement of the muscles. In turn, the forehead musculature is gently pulled up, lifting the brow. For patients with what’s known as the “11’s,” Botox/Dysport can be injected in between the brows to smooth a furrowed appearance.

What to Expect

Botox/Dysport brow lifts can be done on your lunch hour. After a quick consultation, your brow area is cleansed with antiseptic. A number of Botox/Dysport units determined by Dr. Stanislaw are then injected in the tail of the brow. The number of units will depend on the degree of sagging and the degree of correction desired.

How Much Does a Botox/Dysport Brow Lift Cost?

Botox/Dysport is priced by units. The final cost again depends on the areas being treated and the number of units needed for correction.

When Will I See the Results?

As with any type of Botox/Dysport treatment, the results of Botox will appear between three to seven days, with the final result at day 10 while Dysport is typically with 3-5 days. Results last between three to four months, however, with repeat injections, patients may find that the results last longer and they’ll need fewer units to lift their brows.

What are the Risks?

While many patients can undergo Botox/Dysport brow lifts safely, there are contraindications to receiving Botox/Dysport injections. Women who are pregnant or nursing are not suitable candidates

During consultation, a detailed medical history will be taken to ensure your safety. At Stanislaw Plastic Surgery, we always consult with patients prior to any procedure, including Botox/Dysport brow lifts, to ensure they are suitable candidates for the procedure. Not all patients are candidates for this procedure. Proper assessment is imperative to avoid adverse results.

The Takeaway

Botox/Dysport brow lifts can take years off your appearance and give you a well-rested, rejuvenated appearance. However, since Botox/Dysport is not a permanent fix for sagging brows, maintenance is required. To learn more about what Botox/Dysport can do for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Stanislaw.

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