Hand Rejuvenation Connecticut

Am I a good candidate for hand rejuvenation?

The three most age revealing features are the face, neck and hands. People often take care of their face and neck, but they usually forget to take care of their hands. As we age, our hands lose fat and muscle and our skin becomes thin and translucent. The combination of these events results in an unsightly appearance of the tendons and veins on the back of our hands. In addition, age spots appear on the back of our hands and these become darker and more numerous over time.

If you have age spots on the back of your hands, or if you can see the tendons and veins on the back of your hands, then you would benefit from a hand rejuvenation treatment.

If you simply want to enhance the color, tone, and texture of the skin of your hands or if you just want to slow down the aging process, there are hand rejuvenation programs available for you as well.

What is the hand rejuvenation process?

Patients come from all areas of Connecticut including Hartford, New Haven, Norwalk, Greenwich or Avon looking for a hand rejuvenation treatment and Dr. Stanislaw has several options available.

If you can see through your skin and see your tendons and veins, then a non-surgical, injection of Radiesse, Restylane, Perlane, or Juvederm can be used. The treatment takes only 15 minutes and it is perform in the office. You will see an immediate improvement in the appearance of the back of your hands.

When patients have brown spots on the back of their hands, the treatment options include topical prescriptions creams, microdermabrasion, enzyme or chemical peels, and laser treatments. The best treatment option for you would be determined during a consultation.

“Thanks for all of your help and wonderful care!” -Dr. Stanislaw Patient

How long will my hand rejuvenation results last?

One of the most recent studies showed that greater than 80 percent of patients, who had Radiesse treatments of their hands, still had significant improvement at one year.

Topical prescription creams, microdermabrasion, enzyme and chemical peels, and laser treatments treat the age spots that are there at the time. They do not prevent more age spots from coming. The better you are at protecting your hands from the sun by using sunblock and wearing gloves when working outside, the longer the results will last. Topical retinol, topical tretinoin, topical vitamin C, and topical vitamin E all slow down the aging process and will help maintain your results.


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