Fall Skincare Tips for a Glowing Complexion

in Avon, Connecticut

As the seasons change, your skincare routine should too! During autumn, the temperature drops, the air becomes drier, and your skin can easily lose moisture. This means that a new skincare routine is required!  Fall can also be a great time to remedy the damage that summer sun and chlorine has caused to your skin. Read on for some fall skincare tips to have your skin looking its best!

Correcting dark spots on the skin (hyperpigmentation).

Now would be a great time to add in skin lightening ingredients that you may have stopped for the summer.  You can also add the microderms and peels that you may have gotten before summer had arrived.  These also help to lighten the dark spots on the skin.

Switch from Lotion to Cream

Drier fall air calls for a heavy-duty moisturizer for those with truly dry skin.  Creams provide a stronger barrier on your skin than lotions. This reduces the amount of moisture lost, as well as provides hydration to the outer layer of skin for a supple complexion.


Many people experience dry and flaky skin after spending the summer in the sun. Exfoliating your skin with a gentle scrub can help to eliminate any dead and dull skin cells for healthy skin.  Scrubs can also help serums and moisturizers penetrate the skin for better results.


Many forget it is important to use a SPF all year round not just for the summer.  Skin is exposed to the sun in fall and winter as well!

Don’t Forget your Lips!

Chapped lips are annoying and uncomfortable, and seem to get worse as the weather gets colder. Using a non-petroleum based lip balm can help to keep lips crack-free for a kissable pout.

Follow these skincare tips if you are looking to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion this fall. At Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center, we also offer an array of professional  skin products including  ZO, PCA, and Skinceuticals to help keep your skin looking and feeling its best. To learn more about these products, contact our office today!

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