Counterfeit Beauty Products

in Avon, Connecticut

Why You Should Avoid Counterfeit Skincare Products

We’ve probably all come across a counterfeit beauty or skincare product before without even realizing it. These products are often identical to the real product, only offered at a cheaper price. While it may be tempting to buy these products, you should be sure to stick to the real deal for your own health.

Why are counterfeit products a risk to you?

We all like to save money but at what cost?  Did you know counterfeiting is not only illegal, but dangerous to your health?   Please be aware when purchasing skin care products from unauthorized dealers. The product(s) may be fake, harmful, diluted, or expired, and may not be safe to use as intended.

How to spot a counterfeit beauty product online

Counterfeit beauty products and skincare products can be difficult to spot, as they often have very similar packaging to the real deal. The easiest way to ensure that you are purchasing safe products is to purchase the products straight from the brand or its authorized dealers and retailers. Purchasing skincare from offline retailers may result in an old product, or a product that is not safe to use. While buying off-brand products may get you the lower price, you may be comprising your health and safety.

Here at Stanislaw Facial Plastic Surgery Center you can feel confident in the fact we are an authorized retailer who can educate you on proper use for these very effective professional products. We carry Skinceuticals, ZO, PCA, Obagi and Jane Iredale.

If you are interested in learning more about the professional products we carry, contact our office today!

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