Ask the Skincare Expert: Can I Use Facial Oils if I Have Oily Skin?

in Avon, Connecticut

Facial oils are known to provide silky smooth skin, without making your skin look or feel oily. However, for those with naturally oily skin, they may run into issues when using the popular facial product. It’s understandable; you’ve probably been told that facial oils work well on any skin type. If you have oily skin, here are some common mistakes you could make while applying facial oils:


For individuals with moderate to very dry skin, it’s recommended to use facial oil day and night to repair tired, worn skin. On the contrary, for those who have oily skin or a combination of dry and oily, you should only use facial oils once a day at most.


When shopping for oils to perfect your skin, make sure you pay attention to your ingredients! Pick ingredients that are healing and nourishing, including jojoba, borage, or primrose oil. These ingredients can help combat dryness, as well as help balance oil production of the skin.

Proper Use

It’s not just important to pick the right oil for your skin, but also stay on track with your daily skincare routine overall. Additionally, if your skin is oilier than most, don’t hesitate to add an exfoliation step. A skincare analysis with our estheticians will help you determine a proper regimen tailored to your unique skin.

Type of Oil

If the density of your oil is too heavy for your natural skin, it’ll end up clogging your pores. It’s optimal to find a facial oil that is light and absorbs into your skin quickly, instead of sitting on the epidermis, or surface of your skin.

Time of Usage

If you are limiting your usage of facial oil to once a day, make sure to apply it on at night, since your skin produces less sebum at night. If you’re putting it on in the morning, it may make your oily trait worse.

Professional Opinion

As with any skin care treatment, you should always consult with an experienced esthetician to determine what products and regimen is right for you. Remember, this can change throughout the year as the seasons change! Request your consultation today for your comprehensive skin care analysis.


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